1. Facilitate ‘authentic’ and ‘timely’ availability of information, especially on settlements and housing, which is the key factor in efficient decision making;
  2. Facilitate all efforts of stakeholders towards affordable settlements and Housing solutions, be it in underdeveloped, emerging markets or developed economies. The stake holders may include the related policy makers, urban planners, architects, academics, related sector developers,  NGOs, donor agencies, national and international related organizations, researchers and related public/private /people sector players ;
  3. Facilitate all sectors of settlements and housing and all stakeholders involved therein. They also need related information, not just about their own countries, but comparative regional information across the globe;
  4. Help in putting solutions on all types of settlements & housing, be it under the definition of  ‘affordable housing’, ‘pro-poor housing’, ‘community housing’ etc.;
  5. Compile, consolidate, analyze and interpret various information and knowledge on related subjects to make it widely accessible;
  6. Help in building related social enterprises;
  7. Help in building related financial programs;
  8. Help in designing related policy solutions’;
  9. Help in inventing related game changing ideas;
  10. Help in solving related delivery blockages; and
  11. Facilitate in creating related feasible action plans.